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Re: [cbi-dev] Next steps to setting up Jenkins

Thank you Ahmad.
I'm forwarding these issues per cbi-dev.
Please subscribe to this mailing list
so you can also see the response we get (and please feel free to ask question of cbi-dev as our lead committer on the new build process :-)

Question for cbi-dev and webmaster,

My colleagues and i are working to set up a Jenkins build server for the STEM project at We are new to this so thank you in advance for your help and patience.


1) It seems the server that was set up for us is missing the Eclipse workspace.
Is there documentation on how we create this or would the webmaster have to do it (or should we reopen our
Bug ID: 537115  ?

2) Also, how do we find or set the Eclipse Home variable on the server.

fyi our build server is here
Requesting Jenkins Build server for Eclipse STEM project

The STEM Command line build process that we need to run on Jenkins uses an Ant build script
There is doc on the STEM command line build process here.<--- these are the steps we need to get running on Jenkins. 

Best Regards,
James Kaufman

From:        "Ahmad Swaid" <Ahmad.Swaid@xxxxxxxxxxx>
To:        <jhkauf@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date:        07/30/2018 04:23 AM
Subject:        Re: Next steps to setting up Jenkins

Hi Jamie,
I tried yesterday to setup the setting of STEM Build at the Jenkins from eclipse.
There is no workspace assign to stem project, can the admins of this server provide one to the project?.
The other thing, I need to know is the Eclipse home on the server, because our Ant build script need it.

Best regards,
Ahmad Swaid

//// Wissenschaft im Dienst des Menschen ////

>>> "James Kaufman" <jhkauf@xxxxxxxxxx> 7/24/2018 8:36 PM >>>
Hi Ahmad,
Thank you very much!

fyi Jenkins itself is installed on the server they assigned to us. You can
log in with you Eclipse credentials here:
The STEM JIPP is now setup at

If we are missing any plugins I can reopen our GIT issue and the Eclipse
webmaster will fix that for us.

I looked to some tutorials and found the following links. I hope some of
them are good.

Best Regards,

From:   "Ahmad Swaid" <Ahmad.Swaid@xxxxxxxxxxx>
To:     <jhkauf@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date:   07/24/2018 02:40 AM
Subject:        Re: Next steps to setting up Jenkins

Hi Jamie,
I'm fine. I hope you're good also.

what I have done in the past is running the build from command line using
Ant commands, and that worked fine.
I have already started to make this build achievable by in Jenkins. but
since I have no precious experience in Jenkins,
I still struggle.
It will be very nice of you, if you recommend a tutorial (a good one)
about Jenkins.

Best Regards,
Ahmad Swaid

//// Wissenschaft im Dienst des Menschen ////

>>> "James Kaufman" <jhkauf@xxxxxxxxxx> 7/23/2018 8:26 PM >>>
Greetings Ahmad,
... the first think we should do is to make sure the command line
build script runs stand along for the e4 branch. He said before doing that

we should make sure we are running the very latest version of Eclipse with

the latest plugin updates.

There is doc on the command line build process here.

<--- get these steps working first, then you'll be able to get it going in


from Matt....
The hardest part of command line / headless builds is you should not be
using the Eclipse install you use for development because all the packages

it has installed interferes with what needs to be a fully deterministic
and repeatable process when creating what you distribute.  The version of
Eclipse used to build the package should be vanilla, as downloaded from
Eclipse.  Even the delta pack was never installed in it, it's externally

Once we have the command line build working it should be no problem to get

it working on Jenkins.  

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