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[cbi-dev] keeping JIPP up to date

Hi folks,

Who should be keeping JIPPs up to date? Should I be doing that for
CDT, or does Eclipse Webmaster handle this kind of update?

On the CDT JIPP I have some warnings (under a big red 2 in the top right).

New version of Jenkins (2.89.4) is available for download (changelog).
Warnings have been published for the following currently installed components:

Jenkins 2.89.3 core and libraries:

Multiple security vulnerabilities in Jenkins 2.106 and earlier, and
LTS 2.89.3 and earlier

Git plugin 3.7.0:

Users without Overall/Read are able to access lists of user names and node names

promoted builds plugin 2.31:

Unauthorized users are able to run some promotion processes

Gerrit Trigger 2.26.2:

Unauthorized access to some Gerrit Trigger server configuration
Unauthorized users were able to change Gerrit Trigger server configuration


Jonah Graham
Kichwa Coders Ltd.

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