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[cbi-dev] Support for complex build pipelines?


Deeplearning4j from Skymind has recently joined the Eclipse Foundation, but we are still struggling to get our CI infrastructure online and are wondering if CBI could be of help to us.

Basically, we would ideally like to run builds several times a day that can take more than an hour for each platform (Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, Mac, Power) and also run tests that can take a couple of hours for each on both CPU and GPU. We currently have Jenkins running on Azure nodes, as well as on for Power and other cloud providers for Mac.

Would CBI be able to help with this? Have there been past projects with such requirements?

If there is no software infrastructure in place for this currently, could we access hardware infrastructure in the form of a cloud service using, for example, OpenStack?

In any case, please let us know what kind of support we can realistically expect from CBI. Thank you for your time!


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