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Re: [cbi-dev] Update on HIPP to JIPP migration status

Thanks for the update, Fred!


On 02/10/2017 12:49 PM, Frederic Gurr wrote:
> Hi,
> Just to give you a long overdue update on this topic, here is what's
> happening at the moment.
> - As of the beginning of 2017 we will not provision any new Hudson
> instances, unless there's a special request and requirements that can
> not be met with Jenkins. So if a project requests a new CI instance,
> they will get Jenkins by default (the latest LTS version at that time).
> - We are in the finishing stages for a little tool that helps to convert
> the Hudson config file structure to the Jenkins config file structure.
> So when Hudson is replaced with Jenkins, most of the configuration still
> works. We will test this with a few guinea pig projects in the coming weeks.
> - Once that converter tool is battle tested, we will convert a certain
> number of smaller HIPPs (or HIPPs with simple jobs) first (e.g. 5 per
> week) and ramp up when possible. We will do this to reduce the risk and
> possible impacts of any roadblocks that we might face.
> - In the last stage we will convert HIPPs that are part of the SimRel
> and essential like the Shared or Platform HIPP.
> We can't give an exact time line for the whole HIPP to JIPP migration,
> but be assured that this is one of the main objectives in Eclipse CBI
> for 2017.
> Please let me know, If you have any concerns, suggestions, etc. or
> comment on bug:
> Regards,
> Fred

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