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[cbi-dev] Update on HIPP to JIPP migration status


Just to give you a long overdue update on this topic, here is what's
happening at the moment.

- As of the beginning of 2017 we will not provision any new Hudson
instances, unless there's a special request and requirements that can
not be met with Jenkins. So if a project requests a new CI instance,
they will get Jenkins by default (the latest LTS version at that time).

- We are in the finishing stages for a little tool that helps to convert
the Hudson config file structure to the Jenkins config file structure.
So when Hudson is replaced with Jenkins, most of the configuration still
works. We will test this with a few guinea pig projects in the coming weeks.

- Once that converter tool is battle tested, we will convert a certain
number of smaller HIPPs (or HIPPs with simple jobs) first (e.g. 5 per
week) and ramp up when possible. We will do this to reduce the risk and
possible impacts of any roadblocks that we might face.

- In the last stage we will convert HIPPs that are part of the SimRel
and essential like the Shared or Platform HIPP.

We can't give an exact time line for the whole HIPP to JIPP migration,
but be assured that this is one of the main objectives in Eclipse CBI
for 2017.

Please let me know, If you have any concerns, suggestions, etc. or
comment on bug:



Frederic Gurr

Release Engineer
Eclipse Foundation

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