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Re: [cbi-dev] Rebasing CBI to M5

Thanks Paul,


So I made some progress with rebasing the CBI build with the M5 map files into a local test branch. I still have some outstanding questions however with some of the items, hopefully someone can help me. I'm working on the R3 repository at the moment.


What I did was for each repository I grepped the MAP files and took the latest tag in the set. For example:


$ grep eclipse.jdt.git *




I would then rebase the CBI eclipse.jdt.git repository against upstream tag v20111130-1318


So I came up with a list as follows for the R3 repository:


  • eclipse.jdt: v20111130-1318
  • eclipse.jdt.core: v20120125-1544
  • eclipse.jdt.core.binaries: v20111117-0916
  • eclipse.jdt.debug: v20120125-1748
  • eclipse.jdt.ui: v20120125-1408
  • eclipse.pde: v20120104-1740
  • eclipse.pde.build: v20120119-1950
  • eclipse.pde.ui: v20120119-1951
  • eclipse.platform: v20120111-1427
  • eclipse.platform.common: v20120125-1750
  • eclipse.platform.debug: v20120120-1928
  • eclipse.platform.resources: v20120124-1911
  • eclipse.platform.runtime: v20120124-1832
  • eclipse.platform.swt: v3820a
  • eclipse.platform.team: v20120103-1512
  • eclipse.platform.text: v20120123-1559
  • eclipse.platform.ua: v20111213-1428
  • eclipse.platform.ui: v20120125-1902
  • rt.equinox.bundles: v20120120-1540
  • rt.equinox.framework: v20120123-1704
  • rt.equinox.p2: v20120117-0330


There are a few repositories which didn't seem to have equivalent CBI repositories for so I'm at a loss as to what to do with these ones:

  • eclipse.platform.releng
  • eclipse.platform.swt.binaries
  • orbit.map
  • rt.equinox.incubator


Are these new repositories which need to be created?

In the orbit.map case I noticed everything in that map file was pointing to p2 and not a git repository so I'm not sure what to do about that, do I download the files and place it somewhere in the aggregator repository?

Finally I'm not sure if anything needs to be changed in the aggregator repository, none of the map files as far as I can tell has links to anything that's in there, is the difference between M4 and M5 just the submodule changes?


I did not see any map files for the FROMCVS stuff either so does anything in the FROMCVS directory need to be updated?







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On Tue, Mar 6, 2012 at 2:07 PM, Thanh Ha <thanh.ha@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Thanks Paul,


Some more questions, so I had a look at the R4 repository map files. They don't seem to indicate which tags for each repository was used to build like the R3 ones did. Instead I see things like the following:




Which seems to point to jar files instead. I tried checking out eclipse.jdt.git tag I20120301-2200 as well but it seems that tag doesn't exist. I guess for R4 how do I know which tags were used for each repository?

Right now our 4.2 build is a "short build" We build things from eclipse.platform.ui and eclipse.platform.runtime (and one or 2 other repos). But most our build just consumes the matching 3.8 I build p2 repo. So in this case, you would want most of the 4.2 branch submodules to be in the same state as the 3.8 ones.Â

The repos that are compiled to make 4.2 (as opposed to just being consumed from 3.8) are currently listed in these maps: http://git.eclipse.org/c/e4/org.eclipse.e4.releng.git/tree/org.eclipse.e4.sdk/maps

Kim is in the process of making the 4.2 build the same as the 3.8 build, using the R4_HEAD branch of eclipse.platform.releng.maps repo ... but M5 was built with the short build.


Paul Webster
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