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RE: [birt-report-engine-dev] BIRT and WebSphere Application Server

  We do not try BIRT in WAS 6.0, but we try it in WAS 5.1. In WAS 5.1 we
also encounter the same problem as your mentioned. We solve it by set
the App's class load policy as Parent_last. Then the js.jar which
shipped with BIRT will be loaded first. It works in our environment.
Wish this helpful.




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I would like to test BIRT in a J2EE context. I am using WAS 6 as my
application server.

Have you tested BIRT with WAS 6? Because It does not work for me. It
seems that there is a different version of js.jar shipped in WAS. Have
you any clues?

Olivier Jauze
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