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RE: [birt-report-engine-dev] Running the sample

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I am now getting an error that says that “The output format html is not supported”.  I tried the sample as well as writing my own class and just hardcoding the HTMLRenderOption so that it was always OUTPUT_FORMAT_HTML.


Any thoughts?





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I just updated the sample on the web site. The current trick with the engine is that you must provide your own mechanism to parse parameters into dates or strings. The example will work if your report has either no parameters, or only string parameters. If your report requires number or date parameters, then you'll need to add a number & date parameter value parser before you can run that report.


    - Paul


Paul Rogers


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I am trying to run the sample report (from the API example application on the web).  When I try to compile the file, I get an error on the parseParams method.  It does not find this method.


If I comment it out, it compiles and runs, but does not produce the html or pdf (specified by either the –h or –p flag).


Has anyone tried this sample?  If so, does it work?


Thanks in advance for any guidance.


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