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March 08, 2007
03:12 [birt-dev] CheckIn:Add new test cases for Birt expression Tao Chen
02:58 RE: [birt-charting-dev] RE: [birt-dev] BPS 66 - Chart Simple APISPEC.pdf Wenfeng Li
02:52 RE: [birt-dev] BPS 66 - Chart Simple API SPEC.pdf Wenfeng Li
02:37 [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix Bugzilla Bug 173836 NPE was thrown when click "Preview " button quickly twice[00] Yufei Cheng
02:33 [birt-dev] CheckIn: Tagged modified chart plugins as v20070309 Yulin Wang
02:27 RE: [birt-dev] BPS 66 - Chart Simple API SPEC.pdf Yulin Wang
02:23 [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix Bugzilla Bug 176681 Issue about creating context-parameter path in read-only path[0601] Yufei Cheng
02:18 [birt-dev] CheckIN:Tag plugins of DTE and update the map file Mingxia Wu
02:07 RE: [birt-dev] BPS 66 - Chart Simple API SPEC.pdf Wei Yan
01:23 [birt-dev]Checkin:Refactor code for the crosstab. Dazhen Gao
01:21 [birt-dev] Checkin:Tagged new plugins of samplesview feature and update the map file Hongchang Lin
01:13 [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix Bugzilla bug 159505-Quick Start to Report Development Hongchang Lin
00:32 [birt-dev] Daily build status report(20070308) Xiaoying Gu
00:16 [birt-dev] CheckIn: #173633(partly) - BPS 43 - Chart web components Yulin Wang
March 07, 2007
22:25 [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix Bugzilla Bug 173237 Report content cannot display in Firefox but can in IE6.[0603] Yufei Cheng
21:47 [birt-dev] [Reminder] Tag your plugin and update map files for 20070309 integration build Xiaoying Gu
21:36 [birt-dev] [CheckIn]Fix Bugzilla bug #176665, Please include new NL fragments into NL packs Xiaoying Gu
19:46 [birt-dev] CHECKIN: New NL Fragments Yasuo Doshiro
14:16 [birt-dev] CHECKIN: Synchronzied localized message files. Yasuo Doshiro
04:27 [birt-dev] Checkin: Update GUI map file to reflect the rename of plug-in"" Hongchang Lin
04:03 [birt-dev] Checkin: fix bug :Change cube builder icon files' position. Chao Chen
03:52 [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix Bugzilla Bug 176569 123 is treated as Blank Value in Scalar Parameter [0705] Yufei Cheng
03:49 [birt-dev] Checkin: fix bug :Change Cube Builder name space as Chao Chen
03:41 [birt-dev] Checkin:Fix Bugzilla bug 175766-Filter tab on a table is missing the Add buttons. Hongchang Lin
03:19 [birt-dev] Checkin:Fix Bugzilla bug 175788-Set default value doesn't work in Report Parameter[0705] Hongchang Lin
03:17 [birt-dev] Checkin: Modify some code, beacuse of Model's change. Chao Chen
03:06 [birt-dev] CheckIn:Update input.dat Tao Chen
03:01 [birt-dev]CheckIn:Add new test cases TestBirtMath, TestBirtStr and BirtDateTime Tao Chen
02:55 [birt-dev] Daily build status report(20070307) Xiaoying Gu
02:53 [birt-dev] Checkin: Changed build scripts to removed EMF related classes from modelodapi.jar Rick Lu
00:40 [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix Bugzilla Bug 169677 Support for context-relative paths settings within web.xml Yufei Cheng
00:37 [birt-dev] CheckIn: Checked in ODA Design library jar for BIRT runtime build in 2.1.3 Rick Lu
March 06, 2007
22:43 [birt-dev]CheckIn: Fix Bugzilla Bug 176559 --- has compile error in daily build 20070307 Wei Zhao (Shang)
22:43 [birt-dev] Checkin: Added AdapterFactory to use BIRT factory service Rick Lu
22:36 [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix Bugzilla Bug 169675 rptdocument folder should be configurable independent of the rptdesign folder Yufei Cheng
22:25 [birt-dev]CheckIn: Fix Bugzilla Bug 170763 --- Log files are created even if the log level has been set to OFF or the log dir to null Wei Wang
22:13 [birt-dev] CheckIN:Fix bugzilla bug Bug 173963Can not get result set when adding a filter on scripted data set Mingxia Wu
22:08 [birt-dev] CheckIn: Fix Bugzilla Bug 176338--PDF rendering failed on particular table span settings Gang Liu
22:07 [birt-dev] Checkin: initial dorp of crosstab.core plugin Zhiqiang Qian
21:46 [birt-dev]CheckIn:Modify failure test cases totalPercentile and totalPercentSum Tao Chen
21:16 RE: [birt-dev] BPS 66 - Chart Simple API SPEC.pdf David Michonneau
16:03 [birt-dev] CHECKIN: Synchronzied localized message files. Yasuo Doshiro
09:19 [birt-dev] CheckIn:Birt Data OLAP engine API. Lin Zhu
07:53 [birt-dev] CheckIn:Fix bug 176334 [regression]EngineException when preview the old report. Lin Zhu
07:15 [birt-dev] CheckIN:Fix bugzilla bug 174049Joint Data Set page should list columns of data set even if query property is null or blank Mingxia Wu
05:18 [birt-dev] Delete obsolete test cases 122907,135207 Tao Chen
05:05 [birt-dev] CheckIN:Check in JOLAP API into Data Engine Mingxia Wu
04:05 [birt-dev] Checkin: Change class hierarcies for OLAP elements. Rick Lu
03:18 [birt-dev]CheckIn:Update input.dat Tao Chen
03:12 [birt-dev]CheckIn:Add new test cases in the package Tao Chen
03:09 [birt-dev]CheckIn:Add rptdesign files for new test cases Tao Chen
02:37 RE: [birt-dev] BPS 66 - Chart Simple API SPEC.pdf Wei Yan
01:41 [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix Bugzilla Bug 176448 The value of Cascading parameter isn't refreshed correctly[0705] Yufei Cheng
01:09 [birt-dev] Checkin: Catch Exception when add task into http session object Yufei Cheng
00:39 [birt-dev] Daily build status report(20070306) Xiaoying Gu
00:33 [birt-dev] [CheckIn] Fix Bugzilla bug #176329, "BIRT Charting Programmer Reference" is not available [00] Xiaoying Gu
00:22 [birt-dev] Checkin: fix bug 170726: New featureCreate a Cube Builder Chao Chen
March 05, 2007
22:15 [birt-dev]CheckIn:Update failure test case testTotalQuartile_boundary/invalid Tao Chen
21:39 [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix Bugzilla Bug 172643 Image in target report cannot display after drill through link.[04] Yufei Cheng
21:21 [birt-dev] CheckIn: Fix bugzilla bug 172274, 172825 and 176139 [Automation] RankAggregationUtil.getNumericValue(Object) throws exception when the parameter is a non-numeric value Jianchao Li
13:39 [birt-dev] CHECKIN: Synchronzied localized message files. Yasuo Doshiro
05:32 [birt-dev] CheckIn:Fix bugzilla bug Bug 176330[Smoke]Values of parameter aren't displayed in Enter Parameters dialogue[0002] Mingxia Wu
05:19 [birt-dev] Checkin: in head and branch 2.1.3 added ODADesignFactory to wrap methods in ODA DesignFactory. Rick Lu
04:48 [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix bug 118600: Translation for help text of image item doesn't work in pdf file generated through BIRT PDF Emitter. Jun Ouyang
04:44 [birt-dev] CheckIn: refactor codes about the name management for OLAP elements. Xuelan Li
04:41 [birt-dev]CheckIn:Test cods refactoring Tao Chen
04:40 [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix bug 173592: PostScipt dispplay nothing when setting an unsupported border style[00]. Jun Ouyang
04:10 Recall: [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix bug 171185:BIRT.product under need to be updated Xiong Zhang
04:09 [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix bug 171185:BIRT.product under need to be updated Xiong Zhang
03:57 [birt-dev] CheckIn:Fix bugzilla bug 172822 [Automation] The result of total.quartile is wrong Jianchao Li
03:25 [birt-dev] CheckIn: Fix PDF renderer bugs in charts Yulin Wang
03:21 [birt-dev]CheckIn:Modify failure test case totalpercentSum Tao Chen
03:16 [birt-dev]Check in: Add the engine regression test case Yi Sun
03:12 [birt-dev]CheckIn:Modify input.dat to add new test cases Tao Chen
03:03 [birt-dev]CheckIn:Add new test cases for BirtDateTime function Tao Chen
02:48 [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix Bugzilla Bug 173389 Exception is thrown when edit the cascading parameter group[0002] Yufei Cheng
02:19 [birt-dev] Daily build status report(20070305) Xiaoying Gu
01:44 [birt-dev]CheckIn:Add new test cases for BirtDateTime function Tao Chen
01:20 [birt-dev]CheckIn: Fix Bugzilla Bug 172476: <VALUE-OF format=html> doesn't check the format="html" if there is no quotes Wei Wang
01:11 [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix bug 174070:In Report Design Preferences, Resource has no default value. Xiong Zhang
00:01 [birt-dev] New Eclipse BIRT Milestone Build Available for Download Xiaoying Gu
March 04, 2007
23:59 [birt-dev] New Eclipse BIRT Release Build Available for Download Xiaoying Gu
22:49 [birt-dev] Checkin: fix bugs 176328 and 176145 Can not create a report parameter Rick Lu
22:46 [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix bug 172123:Keep margin and padding layout consistent in Property Editor.[00] Xiong Zhang
22:33 [birt-dev]CheckIn:Fix failure test cases 148757 Tao Chen
21:42 [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix Bugzilla Bug 175585 Log level values on Configurate BIRT deployment are not externalized Yufei Cheng
21:36 [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix bugzilla 174973 bug Master page "n of m" page count misaligned in PDF output. Jun Ouyang
20:05 [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix tests cases failures and errors resulted from parameter feature changes Xiang Li
March 02, 2007
18:35 RE: [birt-dev] Please check out daily build<20070227-1000>andresponse if it can be released as BIRT 2.1.2Release Build Qiangsheng Wang
13:31 [birt-dev] CHECKIN: Synchronzied localized message files. Yasuo Doshiro
13:25 RE: [birt-dev] Please check out daily build <20070227-1000>andresponse if it can be released as BIRT 2.1.2 Release Build Rima Kanguri
07:17 [birt-dev] CheckIn:Fix Data Part of 147977 Chart editor does not use container's column bindings Lin Zhu
04:53 [birt-dev] Checkin: partly fix Bugzilla Bug 166015 Refactor designer actions to eclipse command framework Yuejie Chen
03:50 [birt-dev] Checkin:Fix Bugzilla Bug 176146 [Smoke] Exception is thrown out when new a Stored Procedure data set Xudong Ma
02:47 [birt-dev] [CheckIn]Fix bugzilla bug 175975 Please export the org.eclipse.birt, report.model.adapter.oda as API Xiaoying Gu
02:40 [birt-dev] Checkin:Fix bugzilla bug[175406] -- Export a report design to a report library gives error. It does not work. Jiaying Liu
02:39 [birt-dev]CheckIn:Add a new method in Tao Chen
02:32 [birt-dev]CheckIn:Add new rptdesign files under Tao Chen
02:17 [birt-dev]CheckIn:Add new test cases of DtE aggregation type Tao Chen
02:03 [birt-dev] CheckIn:Fix bugzilla bug 176140 Exception is thrown out when preview the data set [07] Lin Zhu

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