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[birt-dev] CheckIn:Fix bug 176334 [regression]EngineException when preview the old report.

- Summary:
CheckIn:Fix bug 176334 [regression]EngineException when preview the old report.

- Bugzilla Bug (s) Resolved:
176334 [regression]EngineException when preview the old report.


- Description:

The report of problem that attached in the bug report is actually incorrect for it assigns the field "aggregateOn" to an _expression_ without aggregation(Total) inside. That leads to the problem after DtE's check in of new feature which allows sub query use column bindings of parent query (Chart in turn uses this new DtE feature, and the exception is thrown when Chart want to evaluate a column binding which, in query text do not have aggregations, however still include "aggregateOn" field, of parent query).


Enhance DtE's algorithm so that we can now allow such column bindings being used in sub query.

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Manual test.     

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