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Re: [babel-dev] Message Editor Development Activity

Good to see that you are still around, even if not commiting updates.

Sounds good that someone is going to be working on the editor.  I was
going to try to implement a couple changes, convert the properties
editor to a form based editor with collapsible sections, and also
implement a second tab in the editor that mimics the localization
editor, but for a single resource bundle family.  I'd also like to add
import for a resource bundle, so you can export to CSV to pass on to a
translator, then be able to import their translations back in when
they are done.

Any ideas of what changes/fixes Christoph plans on implementing?


On Wed, Dec 15, 2010 at 9:08 PM, Pascal Essiembre
<essiembre.pascal@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello Ryan,
> I am no longer active at the moment, you are correct, even if I would really
> like to find the time to do a "come back".    I recently got word from a
> certain Christoph W. asking if he could contribute to the Babel Message
> Editor.  He would like to start contributing after the holidays if possible.
> Hopefully we should see some traction again as a result, I will keep you
> posted once I hear back from Christoph.
> Thanks,
> Pascal Essiembre
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> Subject: [babel-dev] Message Editor Development Activity
> I posted this question on the forum, but I think the people best able to
> answer are signed up to this list.  Are the Message Editor and other Babel
> plug-ins dead projects now?  It looks like the last commit to the
> org.eclipse.babel.editor plug-in was back in Oct 09.  Are either Nigel or
> Pascal still active on the Babel project?  And the Babel page mentions a
> weekly status call, but the log doesn't list anything newer than Feb 09.
> Also looks like there is a pile of bugs that haven't been assigned to anyone
> yet.
> I've got a couple bugs but also some suggestions for enhancements to the
> editor.  It'd also be nice to have an update site, which it looks like Nigel
> attempted to setup at one point (was that effort ever completed?).
> Ryan
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