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Re: [babel-dev] Message Editor Development Activity

Hello Ryan,

I am no longer active at the moment, you are correct, even if I would really
like to find the time to do a "come back".    I recently got word from a
certain Christoph W. asking if he could contribute to the Babel Message
Editor.  He would like to start contributing after the holidays if possible.
Hopefully we should see some traction again as a result, I will keep you
posted once I hear back from Christoph.


Pascal Essiembre

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I posted this question on the forum, but I think the people best able to
answer are signed up to this list.  Are the Message Editor and other Babel
plug-ins dead projects now?  It looks like the last commit to the
org.eclipse.babel.editor plug-in was back in Oct 09.  Are either Nigel or
Pascal still active on the Babel project?  And the Babel page mentions a
weekly status call, but the log doesn't list anything newer than Feb 09.
Also looks like there is a pile of bugs that haven't been assigned to anyone

I've got a couple bugs but also some suggestions for enhancements to the
editor.  It'd also be nice to have an update site, which it looks like Nigel
attempted to setup at one point (was that effort ever completed?).

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