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[babel-dev] Babel integration builds


We still have a problem building the complete set of language packs for all 4 release trains. The problem seems to relate to bug 271685, where shelling out to another bash script for the metadata caused the MySQL database connection to be closed.

Denis added a check for the mysql_query result and tried to reconnect. Somehow, it's not fixing the problem. I tried many ideas, including:
- adding "mysql_ping" calls before and after the shelling out
- disconnecting and reconnecting the database connection before and after the shelling out
- reversing the build order of the release trains (which helps a little bit, we finished 3 out of 4 release trains)

I also suspected that we were reaching the memory limit because we are building thousands of language packs and maybe some memory was leaking somewhere. I set the "memory_limit" directive to "-1" to tell the server that there is no memory limit. That didn't help either!

Interesting to note that if we build the 4 release trains individually, they complete successfully!

I have two other ideas to try, but they are more complicated to implement:
1. Since building the release trains individually works, we can build the release trains one by one, place them in temp folders, then combine them into the integration build folder at the end.
2. Finish building the language packs for all 4 release trains first, then go back and run the shelling out for metadata later.

We appreciate if anyone has any idea on fixing this problem! Thanks!

Kit Lo
IBM Eclipse SDK Globalization Technical Lead
Eclipse Babel Project Co-lead

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