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[babel-dev] Project status, Helios build


Just a bit of a status update, since there isn't much action happening in the Babel dev world lately.

As you know, Babel consists of two components:

-> The server-based translation tool, at
-> The crowd-sourced translations

The crowd-sourced translations are very active, and continue to be successful to this day.  We should consider promoting a recent I-build to RC and releasing a Helios update site and language pack zip set.  Kit, do you have cycles to help out?

On the other hand, the server-based translation tool is seeing very little development and, as far as I'm concerned, that is OK.  Gabe is no longer with the Eclipse Foundation and although he is still a Babel committer, I'm not sure he is interested in participating in the project.  That leaves us with Kit and myself as developers, and since I've inherited some of Gabe's workload (and of another person on my team who has left in February), I simply do not have any cycles to implement new features.  What little time I can spend on Babel will be used to do the following (in that order):

1. Revise community patches for bug fixes and new features.  Those are always welcome.
2. Maintain the Babel server, which includes the server translation tool and build system
3. Maintain the Build system, and help push new release builds to our website
4. Fix critical bugs in the server translation tool
5. Import Large translation sets for projects/languages where the translation rate < 50%

Of course, if anyone is willing to step in and help out with development, please feel free to do so. I will help you get going, and I'm sure Kit will help too.  Otherwise, the Babel project will keep happily coasting along in support of the community-led translations.



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