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Re: [babel-dev] Release review needed for Babel

On 2009-06-24 00:24, Antoine Toulme wrote:
SF>     As long as the installation story is sorted out, marking 1.0 for the
    server sounds like a good idea.  But that should probably include
    Genie or Sync-up, whatever it's called.

AT> There are some scripts that need to be configured in cron. The doc is in
the wiki for people to take a look:

That's always a bit complicated to install stuff with cron - I mean
complicated as an extra step after pressing Enter.
There are some tools to do that in ruby:

SF>     That reminds me: why haven't the Ganymede translations I did for
    en_AU been carried across to Galileo?  Well, they are there, but
    they're all marked as suspect, which means they have to be reviewed
    one by one.  If the resource key and the English text are the same,
    I don't think they should be marked suspect; it should be safe to
    copy them.

AT> Even if marked suspect they should be in the lang packs (I think).

You're right, they are in the plugin jars. For some reason, Eclipse thought I was in en_US (probably from the LANG variable), even though I specified "-nl en_AU". Adding did the trick. I've never needed it before.

AT> You
can open a bug for us to run a mysql command to do a batch update of
those strings.


In any case, could we please change the behaviour of Syncup before it happens again with Helios? There's no reason to treat strings as suspect in a case like this.



Sean Flanigan

Senior Software Engineer
Engineering - Internationalisation
Red Hat

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