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Re: [auto-iwg] Informal F2F at Embedded World Fair (Dominique Toupin)


PolarSys is not a 100 years support contract :-), I am not able to give the full scope in this e-mail, hopefully the below examples will be enough to give you a better understanding .


The technology domains where members are already investing is the following:

- Modeling, both UML and DSL, e.g. Papyrus, EMF compare, EGit for models, Acceleo, ATL, etc.

- Debugging both Linux and bare metal system, GDB, CDT, e.g. leading the Eclipse multicore debug workgroup in CDT and with the multicore association

- Tracing both on Linux and bare metal systems, Eclipse tracing and monitoring framework (in Eclipse Linux Tools), common trace format with the multicore association, LTTng.

- Application Lifecycle Management process and tools, e.g. model context in Mylyn, model reviews in Eclipse R4E, etc.

 - will me migrated to Eclipse.

- reversible debug with CDT-GDB-QEMU

- etc.

Some initiatives are also across areas e.g. generating the system in C from the model level and be able to still be able to debug and trace a t the model level.


PolarSys is about open innovation to ensure the highest levels of productivity, reliability, safety, performance. This implies a continuous effort of research and development in software tools. This is why PolarSys has a combination of university members, tool suppliers and end user companies (e.g. Ericsson, AirBus, Thales, etc.)


With what I know about automotive, many of the tooling issue are the same, multicore in CDT, modeling, big models, team collaboration, model checking, etc.

For M2M I don’t know what is the synergies.

The web site already contains some of this info



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Subject: Re: [auto-iwg] Informal F2F at Embedded World Fair (Dominique Toupin)


Dear All,


I wanted to point to another project first, but let me answer to this message and introduce myself.

I am Werner Keil, project lead of Eclipse UOMo, the Units of Measurement framework for Eclipse, OSGi and Java.

Though via the UCUM standard, other languages like Lua may equally use it for Unit type safety and consistency.


I was curious about how PolarSys fits in with both M2M and Automotive? 

So far, it sounds very vague and fuzzy, more like a license thing than actual technology.

"Embedded and Mission Critical Stuff that must be supported for 80 or 100 years", sounds more like trying to offer support contracts on top of other projects and initiatives like M2M or Automotive. If there's something technical happening there, especially where these mission critical systems must ensure Unit Type-safety with standards like SI that have been around for more than the last 100 years (e.g. 1875, signing of the Metre Convention), I'd be happy to hear and offer help on behalf of the UOMo and Unit-API projects (backed by and used by several Mission Critical standards, e.g. GeoAPI or SensorWeb and related OGC standards)


Kind Regards,


Werner Keil | Eclipse UOMo Lead, Babel Language Champion | Java Godfather

Twitter @wernerkeil | @JSR354 |#EclipseUOMo

Skype werner.keil | Google+


* Social Media Week: February 18 2013, Hamburg, Germany. Werner Keil, JCP Executive Committee Member, Agorava Co-Founder will present "Enterprise Social using Open Source Frameworks like Agorava"


* Social Media Week: February 22 2013, Copenhagen, Denmark. Werner Keil, JCP Executive Committee Member, Agorava Co-Founder will present "Enterprise Social using Open Source Frameworks like Agorava", "BitCoin and Social Currencies"


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Subject: Re: [auto-iwg] Informal F2F at Embedded World Fair
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I can also attend, it would be good to discuss end user needs and possible synergies with PolarSys.

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I can attend on Feb 27.

Regards / Liebe Gr??e,

Ralph Mueller

Director, Eclipse Foundation<>
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Am 16.01.2013 um 08:11 schrieb Andreas Graf <andreas.graf@xxxxxxxxx<mailto:andreas.graf@xxxxxxxxx>>:

Dear all,

who is attending Embedded World Fair this year and would be interested
in an informal get-together? Please let me know if and when you could



Andreas Graf
Business Development Manager Automotive
Spokesperson Eclipse Automotive Industry WG
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