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Re: [auto-iwg] Informal F2F at Embedded World Fair


Thanks for the input. Since this list is moderated and delayed, I replied here BEFORE M2M, not after it, just didn't show up before it

Somebody, Ralph I assume mentioned Polarsys at least in this group. So I hoped to get a bit of clarity to its aim, most of which is currently too vague and only based on buzzwords like "Embedded". Given the players and fee structure, I doubt there is currently great use for Individual Eclipse Members, unless that IWG had room for them at the same conditions as Eclipse Foundation itself? 
As I already replied in the M2M IWG, and I don't want to elaborate all of it here again, Polarsys currently does not show anything other than Model-driven Generation tools, maybe a bit of Lifecycle-Management, and that's it. Tools like Papyrus or Topcased are mentioned, nothing really relevant to either M2M or Embedded so far. 
The license terms and "Long Term Support" indicate, industries like Defense and Aerodynamics may want to buy Open Source projects with a support contract, that's legitimate, why not, JBoss EAP also does that, just to mention one example (though currently not addressing M2M and Embedded as much) 

If there is a concrete demand by Polarsys for any of the concrete projects, protocols and technologies from either M2M or Automotive, it can certainly reach the responsible parties, and invite them to participate. Until then, I don't think it has much to offer the other way round.


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