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[auto-iwg] OpenXC

Dear All,

Thanks to UOMo co-committer Chris Senior, who works with Automotive (though, I don't recall he's subscribed here yet), I came across this Open Source framework by Ford recently:

The same package can be found on GitHub:

The general API design, especially the Measurement interface sound heavily inspired by Unit-API, though I added the idea of a Measurement interface only in recent months, but e.g. older approaches like OSGi Measurement had such a base type some while, and it was known to be used in Automotive before.
So aspects of OSGi Measurement, Unit-API/JSR-275, JSR-256 and probably some APIs related to OGC SensorWeb (especially when you look at the conversion between Measurement and RawMeasurement which is largely JSON-based) can all be found there.

Despite Ford currently not being involved in this IWG, it adds some fresh ideas to the industry. Some could use tweaking and improvement, e.g. how Units, Quantities and Measurements relate to each other (Chris has already addressed that in their Google Groups Forum I saw) but the general idea is good and beneficial to Automotive. 

How Security can be added to ensure, communications are Trusted and cannot be "car-jacked", well, at least Mario's also lists TU-Graz as supporting partner. Where IAIK is a pioneer for IT Security and Trusted Systems like JSR-321, Trusted Java. Some of their initiatives also on Android show, how this may work in the Cloud and for Mobile/Embedded devices, to improve security and integrity of those apps.

Kind Regards,

Werner Keil Eclipse UOMo Lead, Babel Language Champion | Java Godfather

Twitter @wernerkeil | @JSR354 |#EclipseUOMo

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