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Re: [atf-dev] Hello ATF world

On 9/23/06, Philippe Ombredanne <pombredanne@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
So you may expect some help here and there.
In the short term,  I submitted :
And I provided a proposed mozilla plugin split as a patch, and a set of

Welcome, and thanks for the patch.  I'll take a look at it shortly.  Hopefully, we can get some more Eclipse developers to join our project in the future.

I may also look at :
... to see how mac os could be supported.

I posted a comment to  I have ATF working on OS X, except the browser view doesn't paint.  But the other views (DOM Inspector, Browser Console, etc) all works as expected.  It seems we might need to feed some events back to Mozilla in order to get the browser to paint.  But I haven't had the time to investigate this thoroughly.

Last but not least, we may be packaging ATF as a ready to use bundle in
I may want to experiment with bundling xulrunner as a plugin for that.
Any expereince with that?
What would you think would be the best approach?
Could it be a way to bypass the xulrunner registration?

Sounds interesting.

Currently, the ATF browser finds the installed XULRunner by calling Mozilla.getGREPathWithProperties().  This looks in platform specific areas for the registered XULRunner.  The returned path is then passed in to Mozilla.initEmbedding().

So if you want to bypass the XULRunner registration, you would have to bypass getGREPathWithProperties() and just pass in your own path to initEmbedding().  Does that make sense?

javier pedemonte
atf developer

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