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RE: [atf-dev] Hello ATF world

Javier Pedemonte  wrote on Saturday, September 23, 2006 10:03 AM
>Welcome, and thanks for the patch.  
There are more patches to come.. :-P

>I'll take a look at it shortly.  
>Hopefully, we can get some more Eclipse 
>developers to join our project in the future.
Let me mess around a bit with the code, and check my patches.
We'll see if that makes sense for you!
I would love to!

>>... to see how mac os could be supported.
>I have ATF working on OS X, except the browser view doesn't paint.
Nice! I added a comment myself. Could you post a patch. I'll see if I
can mess with that a bit.

>So if you want to bypass the XULRunner registration, 
>you would have to bypass getGREPathWithProperties() 
>and just pass in your own path to initEmbedding().  
>Does that make sense?
Crystal clear!
If I can get that working, would it make sense to have a flag or an
extension, so xulrunner could be either retrieved from whatever is
installed, or alternatively have it's path contributed by plugins that
provide a xulrunner and some extension markup?
The extension point could look first for extenders that provides a
xulrunner, and if none is provided, fall back to looking for a globally
registered xulrunner.
Or something like that.


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