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[atf-dev] Hello ATF world

Let me introduce me to the list.
I am an open source and avid Eclipse developer.
I maintain a few Eclipse related projects like EasyEclipse.
Those days, I am working a bit with Ajaxy stuffs.
So you may expect some help here and there.
In the short term,  I submitted :
And I provided a proposed mozilla plugin split as a patch, and a set of

I may also look at :
... to see how mac os could be supported.

On another note, I think the doc plugin should be split so the core help
and the ajax toolkits specific help is also separated.
I submitted a req :

Last but not least, we may be packaging ATF as a ready to use bundle in
I may want to experiment with bundling xulrunner as a plugin for that.
Any expereince with that?
What would you think would be the best approach?
Could it be a way to bypass the xulrunner registration?


philippe ombredanne | 1 650 799 0949 | pombredanne at 
nexB - Open by Design (tm) -  -  irc://

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