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Re: [atf-dev] Re: EclipseXUL and ATF Tools?

Our runtime tools (DOM Inspector, JS debugger, JS console, etc.)
are tied directly to our own instance of the Mozilla browser, which is
instrumented to bridge Java and XPCOM.  If you use the standard Eclipse
Mozilla web browser, the tools will not be able to operate on those pages.
I don't know if there's a way to configure EclipseXUL to use our browser
editor at this time. 

No, current EclipseXUL don't have such configuration. But this functionality can be easily implemented by extending EclipseXUL. 

You may be able to use our tools in a limited fashion
to load XUL pages, if they can run as standard web pages and do not
assume any standalone or chrome functionality.

This is why I don't think it is suitable to load XUL page into the embedded web browser. As we know, most of the XUL applications has chrome manifest. Single XUL page normally couldn't run as standard web pages. So load them into embedded web browser directly seems unworkable.

Now in the EclipseXUL, it uses external XULRunner to launch the XUL applications just like we launch them under command line. So the problem now is that, as Adam said the runtime tools provided by ATF are tied directly to our own instance of the Mozilla browser, if we don't use this mozilla browser but external XULRunner to lauch XUL application, it seems very hard leverage those runtime tools. Is it right?

Lian Liming

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