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Re: [atf-dev] Re: EclipseXUL and ATF Tools?

Hi, all

Hope this mail can be successfully post into the list. I have tried post two mails to this list, but none has appeared on the list so far. I do subscribe the list, maybe my email address has been banned on this list?

On 6/16/06, Adam L. Peller <adam@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

There is a Google "Summer of Code" project on this very topic.  Lian
Leming is looking at how to put together XUL tools for Eclipse:

I am Lian Liming, the right person doing the SoC project. My effort is on putting following tools together to make a powerful xul editor plugin for Eclipse:
1) OrangleVolt's EclipseXUL Tool.  The biggest feature that EclipseXUL has implemented is the wizard to create a XUL project from scratch. While it lacks a JS debugger ,JS console  and a multpage xul editor.
2) AJAX Framework Toolkit.  ATF provides a powerful JS debuger, console, embedded Mozilla browser, editor and so on. Those features are the right things EclipseXUL needs.
3) XUL extension to IDE4Laszlo. Phil Berkland has implemented XUL editor based on IDE4Laszslo's Rich Client Toolkit and ATF. The biggest feature it implemented is the multipage xul editor. Right now, I need help to make it work. I have tried installing it, but it can't work so far on my box.

My work on integrating those tools is harder than what I could image in the project proposal. I meet a lot of problems. I need suggestion from experts on ATF. I have started a new thread "Debug XUL application in ATF" on this list. It is really appreciated that you guys could comment on it.

Thanks in advance!

Lian Liming

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