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[atf-dev] Re: EclipseXUL and ATF Tools?


>I am currently trying out and thinking of using orangevolt's EclipseXUL
>plugin for my (growing) Mozilla application project. If I install ATF will
>it be possible to use the ATF DOM inspector and _javascript_ debugger while
>I am in a EclipseXUL project? I am tyring to find a comfortable way to
>develop and debug such mozilla projects (before I was using vim).

I am not very familiar with EclipseXUL, but there is discussion of trying to
form some XUL tools around the pieces in ATF.  Perhaps there are ways
to leverage code from both.

Our runtime tools (DOM Inspector, JS debugger, JS console, etc.)
are tied directly to our own instance of the Mozilla browser, which is
instrumented to bridge Java and XPCOM.  If you use the standard Eclipse
Mozilla web browser, the tools will not be able to operate on those pages.
I don't know if there's a way to configure EclipseXUL to use our browser
editor at this time.  You may be able to use our tools in a limited fashion
to load XUL pages, if they can run as standard web pages and do not
assume any standalone or chrome functionality.

There is a Google "Summer of Code" project on this very topic.  Lian
Leming is looking at how to put together XUL tools for Eclipse:

Adam Peller
IBM Emerging Internet Technologies

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