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[aspectj-users] Anyway to use AJ to _prevent_ field assignment at initialization of an object?

I'm using the JCache API, in which a design decision made by the JSR-107 team in implementing the Reference Implementation is causing me a significant headache.  The class in question is: 
org.jsr107.ri.annotations.cdi.CacheLookupUtil from package org.jsr107.ri:cache-annotations-ri-cdi:1.1.0.  

This is the layout of the class:

public class CacheLookupUtil extends AbstractCacheLookupUtil<InvocationContext> {
private BeanManagerUtil beanManagerUtil;

private CacheKeyGenerator defaultCacheKeyGenerator = new DefaultCacheKeyGenerator();
private CacheResolverFactory defaultCacheResolverFactory = new DefaultCacheResolverFactory();


My problem is the assignment of the defaultCacheResolverFactory, or to be even more specific the construction of the DefaultCacheResolverFactory() without arguments when initializing the object.  The default constructor used throws an exception which is extremely difficult to catch given that the DI framework is instantiating the object.

Is there anyway I can use AspectJ to modify that assignment?  Ideally, I would like to prevent the construction of the DefaultCacheResolverFactory with no args, and replace it with a call to new DefaultCacheResolverFactory(CacheManager) instead.

So my issue is not just being able to assign the field (which I would be able to do in a CacheLookupUtil constructor advice, but also prevent the construction of the DefaultCacheResolverFactory().   

Can you think of any kind of pointcut(s) that I could use to catch that condition?  I figure I need an Around advice against a pointcut which picks up the constructor of the DefaultCacheResolverFactory (so I can return my own object instead), but from what I understand I cannot use around with the initialization pointcut.

Any suggestions what I can try?



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