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Re: [aspectj-users] Upgrade AspectJ Maven plugin to Java 11 (AspectJ 1.9.4)

Hello Andy, Alexander:

Your posts strike me as quite serendipitous. I am a PhD student in Computer Science. Part of my research will involve modifications to the AspectJ compiler. My goal is to work in a Java 11 environment, so I just installed the latest eclipse, Java 11 SDK, and cloned AspectJ master. I am still working through “xyz cannot be resolved to a type” errors so maybe I’m not far along to hit this problem? I am new to Maven, but if I can help then point me in the right direction. That goes for any other tasks that need doing to get AspectJ to Java 11.


Conrad Bell

Hi Andy.

Honestly, I didn't expect an answer from you. AFAIK you are not a committer in that project, at least not according to GitHub. Also, I am not sure there is much to sort out (other than code review) because there is a PR already:

It contains the changed/forked "nickwongdev" version.

Best regards


Alexander Kriegisch

Andy Clement schrieb am 05.06.2019 00:31:

> Thanks for mentioning that, I keep forgetting it. Wish I had the

> cycles to sort that out, but I just can't seem to manage it. I am

> happy to support anyone who does though!



> On Fri, 31 May 2019 at 21:44, Alexander Kriegisch


>> I know that this mailing list is not for the AJM plugin but maybe the

>> maintainers read it as they don't seem to read their tickets (or are

>> too busy maybe, no offense meant).


>> Java 11 and AspectJ 1.9.4 have been out for a while, but AJ Maven is

>> still on version 1.11, supporting only Java 8 AFAIK. So if anyone

>> wants to build with JDK 11 they have to use a forked plugin version

>> such as com.nickwongdev:aspectj-maven-plugin:1.12.1. I think this is

>> kinda suboptimal. Maybe someone can take the time to upgrade the

>> plugin. :-)

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