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[aspectj-users] 1.9.4 released


AspectJ 1.9.4 has been released. As described in the readme ( ) there are two key changes in 1.9.4:

- The new maven build process now being used damaged the ability for the 1.9.3 aspectjweaver.jar to be used as an agent for load-time weaving. This has been fixed.

- In the IDE many folks were noticing a ClassCastException - this was due to using a different version of java to run their IDE vs for the project they were working on and AspectJ not handling it. For example if using Java8 for the IDE and working on a Java11 project, there would be a ClassCastException for “Object” because Java8 couldn’t understand the new form of packaging in Java9+ for system classes. This has been all tidied up and AJDT dev builds from include those changes.

1.9.4 should be in central now, or can be grabbed from the downloads page:


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