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[aspectj-users] AspectJ 1.9.3 released

I have just released AspectJ 1.9.3. The readme is here: and the downloads are on

I had to fix one thing since 1.9.3.RC1 because 1.9.3.RC1 couldn’t be used to run a Spring Framework build (one matching optimization was going too far and needs further thought) - see

I *did* sneak in Java12 support, probably shouldn’t have between RC and final but I am not sure I had time to sort out two releases…. In the readme you will see an example of the new switch _expression_ support it provides and how to try that out with AspectJ (using the —enable-preview option to the compiler and runtime).

It was posted to maven central a few minutes ago, should be there shortly. This is the first release that was compiled using the maven build process we now have!


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