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Re: [aspectj-users] 1.9.4 released


Somehow in Eclipse 2018-12 the latest update is still based on AspectJ 1.9.2.

Alexander Kriegisch

Andrew Clement schrieb am 13.05.2019 22:19:

> AspectJ 1.9.4 has been released. As described in the readme (
> ) there
> are two key changes in 1.9.4:
> - The new maven build process now being used damaged the ability for
> the 1.9.3 aspectjweaver.jar to be used as an agent for load-time
> weaving. This has been fixed.
> - In the IDE many folks were noticing a ClassCastException - this was
> due to using a different version of java to run their IDE vs for the
> project they were working on and AspectJ not handling it. For example
> if using Java8 for the IDE and working on a Java11 project, there
> would be a ClassCastException for “Object�? because Java8
> couldn’t understand the new form of packaging in Java9+ for system
> classes. This has been all tidied up and AJDT dev builds from
> include those
> changes.
> 1.9.4 should be in central now, or can be grabbed from the downloads
> page:

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