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Re: [aspectj-users] java.lang.VerifyError: stack shape inconsistent

Are you by any chance running on the IBM J9 VM?  If so, are you on the
latest?  For example, see
which describes how after weaving a system with ITCAM (this happens to
use AspectJ inside) you then cause the VM to throw a stack shape
inconsistent problem and the fix is to upgrade the VM.

I don't believe 'stack shape inconsistent' is due to a mismatch in
weaver/compiler versions used.  We have no open bugs on that error.
The only similar verify issues I have seen are relating to incorrect
stack height - and they are usually because CGLIB generated code is
being woven.

If it isn't a VM issue, then feel free to raise a bug and we can
investigate further.


2008/4/29 Bryan Jones <bjones@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> I'm receiving a 'VerifyError,' which I understand is typically a sign of 'a
> bug' but I wanted to float this out there first, before reporting anything.
> The error I'm receiving at runtime is:
> ..."Initialization of bean failed; nested exception is
> java.lang.VerifyError: stack shape inconsistent (class: [hidden] method:
> [hidden]_aroundBody0(L[hidden];LAbstract[hidden];Ljava/lang/String;)V) at
> pc: 2"
> I have seen this sort of error at run time when there are aspectjrt and / or
> weaver version related issues.  I.e. compiled against a different version of
> aspectj then running against.  I may be remembering incorrectly on this, but
> I believe those issues were cause by using a version of
> "aspectj-maven-plugin" compiling and weaving using one version of aspectj,
> while running the application using a different (seemingly incompatible
> version) of aspectj.  The conflict in the past was really specific to server
> runtime and eclipse AJDT - i.e. deployed app and AJDT were using different
> and incompatible AspectJ versions.  This can get quite painful... but those
> problems have been worked out in the past.
> Now we're getting similar issues, but even outside of Eclipse / AJDT...
> rather, now the issue is manifesting itself in a Maven build.  I've taken
> care to ensure that a single version of AspectJ is ever used - so the same
> version is compiled with using "aspectj-maven-plugin" and ran against via
> the appropriate POM dependency.  Prior to doing this, I was receiving
> warnings in the maven build as follows: "[WARNING] bad version number found
> in C:\dev\.m2\repository\aspectj\aspectjrt\1.5.3\aspectjrt-1.5.3.jar
> expected 1.5.4 found 1.5.3".  So, after cleaning things up, this warning
> went away, and I was REALLY hoping that would have solved the issue.  No
> such luck!
> Has anyone ever seen this error before - specifically the "stack shape
> inconsistent" portion?  I think this is the key part of the error message,
> but I could be wrong.  Another related detail here that _could_ be of
> importance is the error is actually happening on a class that is in another
> internal 'commons' jar - which is NOT compiled with AspectJ (standard
> compiler).  Could this be causing the issue somehow?
> Thanks,
> Bryan
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