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[aspectj-users] java.lang.VerifyError: stack shape inconsistent

I'm receiving a 'VerifyError,' which I understand is typically a sign of 'a bug' but I wanted to float this out there first, before reporting anything.
The error I'm receiving at runtime is:
..."Initialization of bean failed; nested exception is java.lang.VerifyError: stack shape inconsistent (class: [hidden] method: [hidden]_aroundBody0(L[hidden];LAbstract[hidden];Ljava/lang/String;)V) at pc: 2"

I have seen this sort of error at run time when there are aspectjrt and / or weaver version related issues.  I.e. compiled against a different version of aspectj then running against.  I may be remembering incorrectly on this, but I believe those issues were cause by using a version of "aspectj-maven-plugin" compiling and weaving using one version of aspectj, while running the application using a different (seemingly incompatible version) of aspectj.  The conflict in the past was really specific to server runtime and eclipse AJDT - i.e. deployed app and AJDT were using different and incompatible AspectJ versions.  This can get quite painful... but those problems have been worked out in the past.

Now we're getting similar issues, but even outside of Eclipse / AJDT... rather, now the issue is manifesting itself in a Maven build.  I've taken care to ensure that a single version of AspectJ is ever used - so the same version is compiled with using "aspectj-maven-plugin" and ran against via the appropriate POM dependency.  Prior to doing this, I was receiving warnings in the maven build as follows: "[WARNING] bad version number found in C:\dev\.m2\repository\aspectj\aspectjrt\1.5.3\aspectjrt-1.5.3.jar expected 1.5.4 found 1.5.3".  So, after cleaning things up, this warning went away, and I was REALLY hoping that would have solved the issue.  No such luck!

Has anyone ever seen this error before - specifically the "stack shape inconsistent" portion?  I think this is the key part of the error message, but I could be wrong.  Another related detail here that _could_ be of importance is the error is actually happening on a class that is in another internal 'commons' jar - which is NOT compiled with AspectJ (standard compiler).  Could this be causing the issue somehow?


Bryan Jones
cell: 571.344.0698

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