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Re: [aspectj-users] Exporting aspects across multiple projects in eclipse

Hello Mike,

Aspects from a project upon which you depend are not automatically
picked up unless they can be found on the aspect path for the project
you want to get woven.

> I also tried adding the folder
>  containing the .aj files to the Inpath of the derived project and the
>  AspectJ path of the derived project.

Like classpath, the inpath and aspectpath are for jars and directories
containing class files, not source files.  You need to put the bin
folder of the project where the aspects are built onto the aspectpath
of the projects you want to be woven. ( I know this could be more UI
friendly and involve some simple clicks rather than path
configuration).  With the compiled aspects on the aspectpath, the
projects will get woven.  Now, showing across project markers is quite
complicated (perhaps I mean  'not always 100% reliable' ....) so the
best way to verify your code is woven as you expect is to run your
tests.  Or you could turn on the weave info messages in the UI and
then information about what gets woven will come out in the problems
view as info messages.


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