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[aspectj-users] Problem with generic aspects

I do not know if this is a known bug/limitation or I am doing
something wrong, but I get a runtime exception when I try the
following example:

public abstract aspect GenAsp<T> {
	public abstract T transform(T x);
	T around() : execution(T *(*)) {return transform(proceed());}
public aspect IntAsp extends GenAsp<Integer> {
	public Integer transform(Integer x) {return x;} //  identity transformation
public class IntAspTest {
	static Integer mylength(String x) {return x.length();}
	public static void main(String[] args) {System.out.println(mylength(""));}

The exception I get is:
java.lang.VerifyError: (class: IntAsp, method: transform signature:
(Ljava/lang/Integer;)Ljava/lang/Integer;) Wrong return type in
I believe I am using the latest versions of Java (1.6.0_05) and
AspectJ (1.6.0m2).

Kind regards,
Ivar Rummelhoff

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