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[aspectj-users] Exporting aspects across multiple projects in eclipse

I have about 5 eclipse projects.  There is one base project which 2
other projects depend on, then 2 more projects depend on one of those
projects (in a tree, obviously).  I have some aspects in my base
project which I want to apply to all my derived projects.   But it is
not working.

Currently the derived projects have the base project as a required
project in the java build path. But the base project aspects don't get
applied to the derived projects.  I also tried adding the folder
containing the .aj files to the Inpath of the derived project and the
AspectJ path of the derived project.   But none of that worked.  I
don't see the aspectj markers in the gutters and I don't see the
result when the code is run.  How do I do that?

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