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Re: [aspectj-users] Re: ajdt_1.3.1_for_eclipse_3.1

On 18/05/06, Raphael.Drai@xxxxxxxxxxx <Raphael.Drai@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Matt,
First, I woul like to thank you for your prompt response.
I saw Adrian Colyer  comments and it seems that we are very close to get a
Does it is an issue of ADJT eclipse plugin or AspectJ?

Both - one bug for each.

Do you kown in which release (and when approximately) the solution will be

I hope to get it into AJDT 1.4 for Eclipse 3.2, which is planned for a July release (shortly after the release of Eclipse 3.2 itself).

It will appear in the development builds as soon as we have something
working, which could be any day now.