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Re: [aspectj-users] Re: ajdt_1.3.1_for_eclipse_3.1

Hi Raphael,

Yes, this is a long-standing limitation. If you really need to keep
the class files separate, you may want to consider an alternative such
as splitting your project into two projects, one for each source

Also, keep an eye on bugzilla entries 101983 and 46665, which are
tracking the work required to support this capability in the AspectJ
compiler, and then surface it in Eclipse via AJDT. There has been some
progress on this recently, so there may soon be an early
implementation to try out in development builds.



On 18/05/06, Raphael.Drai@xxxxxxxxxxx <Raphael.Drai@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi AspectJ users
I have defined into my eclipse project two sources folders and two
corresponding outputs. When I am trying to convert the project to AspectJ
nature, I am getting a window alert that says that AspectJ compiler cannot
output the compiled files separately and that it outputs the classes to the
"default"  output folder.
I would like to know if this issue has a workaround or if there is a  patch
that solves this issue?

Thanks a lot.


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