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Re: [aspectj-users] AJDT Magical Disappearing classes...

[apologies if this a dupe - i originally sent it from a non-subscribed
email address]

how stable is the dev build?  on the one hand i'd like to test this; on
the other i'd prefer the most likely result to be a usable eclipse so that
i don't lose more time.  can you give me some idea of the risks?

thanks for the work,

Andy Clement wrote:
> On 12/05/06, Ron DiFrango <rdifrango@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Just another side note, as a result of this "feature" in AJDT, it also
stops the copy step of the non-java resources in my project such as my
Hibernate config files, etc.
> this compiler bug is now fixed and all errors should appear in the
problems view, but it is only fixed in AJDT 1.4.0 dev builds.  You are
on 1.3.1 aren't you?
> Andy.
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