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Re: [aspectj-users] AJDT Magical Disappearing classes...

On 12/05/06, andrew cooke <andrew@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
how stable is the dev build?  on the one hand i'd like to test this; on
the other i'd prefer the most likely result to be a usable eclipse so that
i don't lose more time.  can you give me some idea of the risks?

The latest AJDT 1.4.0.dev builds require Eclipse 3.2RC3, so as Eclipse is nearing the end of its release cycle, that side of things should be relatively stable. On the AJDT/AspectJ side, the builds contain numerous fixes above the release versions and as far as we're aware they should therefore be better, but of course they've had less testing in the field. One other issue to be aware of is that Eclipse 3.2RC4 is due any day so you may want to wait for that - it may require an updated AJDT, but that is getting slightly less likely now with each RC release.