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[aspectj-announce] AJDT 1.5 for Eclipse 3.3 released as part of Europa

The Eclipse Foundation has today released Europa, its annual coordinated project release. The release includes version 3.3 of the Eclipse Platform and 21 Eclipse projects, consisting of more than 17 million lines of code.

I'm pleased to announce that the release of AJDT 1.5 is part of this, and is now available from the Europa Discovery Site. Starting with either the classic Eclipse SDK or one of the Java-based Eclipse packages, all available from you can install AJDT as follows:

Go to "Help > Software Updates > Find and Install.."
Then select "Search for new features to install"
Then choose the "Europa Discovery Site"
Then under both "Java Development" and "Programming Languages" categories you should be able to select and install "AspectJ Development Tools".

Alternatively, AJDT is also available from its own update site and as a zip file from

For the new features in this release please see the New & Noteworthy page at

Many thanks,


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