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[aspectj-announce] I have some problems about the ASTnode information in the ajdt

Hello Everyone:
              First I give a brief introduction of me, My name is Gu Zhong Xian, I am now studying in Shanghai Jiao Tong University (China) major in software engineering. I am now doing some work related to compiler and the current work is to compare 2 versions of ASTs. My work now is to compare the 2 ASTs and to extract the differences of the 2 ASTs. And I use the eclipse ajdt as my parser. Now I have depart the parser from the total compiler. And could let it make the AST for me. But now I encounter some tough problems. The exploration of the ASTnodes make me fuddle, and the complicated hierarchy relationships make me don't know where to tract the node information. For example, if I know this node is a class, and I want to know its name, I don't know where it stored, in the TypeDeclaration of the ASTNode, and if I want to know the method name, I also don't where to track it, so I wonder is there some good ways to get these information, or are there some documents to guide me to do this.  So, I come here for help.
Thank you for reading my message and May you an happy day~~
Gu Zhong Xian

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