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[asciidoc-wg] Update on Q4 tasks from project plan

AsciiDoc WG,

In early November, the Steering Committee reviewed and approved the revised plan for the AsciiDoc WG to tighten the scope of the project and put action items and milestones in place to make steady progress on the project. As part of that plan, OpenDevise made end-of-quarter commitments to advance the AsciiDoc Language specification project. This email provides an update on the status of those tasks and a revised schedule.

The tasks at hand are as follows:

* Sync changes to the AsciiDoc Language user guide from the initial contribution repository
* Switch the source of the AsciiDoc Language user guide to the upstream asciidoc-lang project
* Revise the process documents and tend to issues in the asciidoc-lang repository
* Create an initial draft outline (i.e., high-level document structure) for the spec document

Two of our client projects unexpectedly ran over schedule and kept us busy right through the end of the year. Therefore, we were not able to dedicate the time we had planned on the tasks from the project plan in this quarter. We will need to push the deadlines for these tasks until mid-February. To avoid any further postponements, we have reserved dedicated time in our schedule to begin working on those tasks as soon as the new year begins.

What we have made progress on is revisiting the parsing rules for AsciiDoc. I have been extensively studying how AsciiDoc is parsed outside the context of Asciidoctor so we can be sure to accurately account for all the parsing rules when we outline the specification. I feel like I'm now in a strong position to address the technical specification for the language and how to describe it. This was a necessary, albeit somewhat unanticipated, prerequisite to getting the outline drafted.

Best Regards,


Dan Allen, Vice President | OpenDevise Inc.
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