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[asciidoc-wg] Next election for elected representatives

In the June 2021 meeting (see minutes, the SC discussed the term and election of the elected (committer) representatives. The current representatives (Guillaume, Alexander, and Jared) came to their seats in October 2020. Representatives serve 1 year terms. So it was reasonable to ask in the meeting if a new election would be held in advance of October 2021 since it marked the end of that period.

However, our charter ( states that the term spans from Apr 1 to Mar 30 of the next year. So there's a mismatch. There was some confusion in the discussion, and the minutes incorrectly state that the motion was resolved to hold the next election in September 2021. However, there was no vote, nor was the necessary change made to the charter, which would also have required a vote. Therefore, the motion was not resolved.

What I propose is that we plan to have the next election in advance of the Apr 1 start date, as stated in our charter. First, September 2021 has already past. Second, this simplifies the process because it does not require a change to the charter. And finally, it makes more strategic sense because changing a member during Q4 is disruptive to finalizing the program plan for the current year and the development of the program plan for the next. We can't be having an election while we are in the thick of making decisions.

Since my proposal is consistent with our existing charter, I don't think there's a need to ratify the decision. I'm merely citing provisions declared in the charter. The next election for elected representatives will be held in Q1 2022. As to how that election is conducted, the charter gives us leeway:

> Procedures governing elections of Representatives may be established pursuant to resolutions of the Steering Committee provided that such resolutions are not inconsistent with any provision of this Charter.

We could follow the scheduled that's used by the Eclipse Foundation for voting on their own elected members. See I'll bring this topic to the floor at a future SC meeting.

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