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[asciidoc-wg] Change of strategy for the AsciiDoc brand development

One of the main objectives of the AsciiDoc WG this year, as stated in the program plan, is to develop a brand identity for AsciiDoc. This mostly boils down to creating an AsciiDoc logo, establishing brand guidelines for AsciiDoc, and relaunching with a new design.

We started down the road of developing the logo and design as independent efforts. However, we discovered that that strategy wasn't working out. So we're starting over, this time bringing those two tasks under the same roof, and adding brand guidelines to it. Bundling these efforts together is important so the design elements can be unified into a single brand identity and vision.

Based on recommendations, I researched design firms and found one that I'm confident is an ideal fit for us. That firm is Ura Design ( In our correspondence, they clearly demonstrated that they understand our briefs, that they have a strong design prowess backed by a strong process, and that they know how to work with open source. In fact, they focus on free and open source software and internet freedom projects exclusively. Their client list includes Mozilla, The Tor Project, the Linux Foundation, and numerous independent open source projects. They're enthusiastic about adding an Eclipse WG to that client list and are prepared to do their best. I shared the proposals from Ura Design with the AsciiDoc WG SC and they agreed unanimously to move forward with this firm. We're aiming for this work to be completed by the end of November (sooner, if possible).

We're also moving all the work under the realm of the AsciiDoc WG (and using its budget to complete the work). I had originally thought that the development of the AsciiDoc logo should fall under the AsciiDoc TLP. However, I was mistaken. The AsciiDoc WG is responsible for the AsciiDoc trademark and brand and, as such, provides the governance structure to coordinate, manage, and fund this effort. So that's where you will find all the issues.

You can follow along and participate in the process by tracking these issues:

Logo and brand identity guidelines - design -

All progress will be shared as it happens using these (and related) issues. To work efficiently, we've appointed stakeholders who will interact with Ura Design directly. These stakeholders will relay information back to the community. To begin, those stakeholders are as follows:

- Logo and brand identity - Dan Allen, Jason Porter
- design - Dan Allen, Sarah White, Guillaume Grossetie

We'll pull in other stakeholders either as needed or at their request. Please speak up if you want to serve in this capacity.

I have also asked Guillaume Grossetie to handle the implementation (HTML/CSS/_javascript_) of the site. He's agreed to take on that work, which will also be supported by the AsciiDoc WG.

If you're interested in this process, please keep an eye on the issues above and be ready to provide feedback upon request.

Best Regards,


Dan Allen, Vice President | OpenDevise Inc.
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