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Re: [asciidoc-lang-dev] Proposing olinks

On 2/18/21 4:27 AM, Dan Allen wrote:
> I agree we need clarification and alignment (that's really what this is
> all about), but I don't think we need a new macro.

Fair enough. As you and David Jencks pointed out, adding yet another
link macro may wind up with even more confusion.

Putting myself in the position of someone who is trying to learn
AsciiDoc for the first time, I can appreciate how off-putting the
concept of an "olink" might be. :-)

> ... So what we need to focus on is strengthening the
> capabilities of our own xref macro. And as David pointed out in another
> thread, we may want to make the resolution of the target document an
> extension point so that we don't end up coupling that reference to the
> filesystem.

I can live with that. I think I'll open a new thread to address
"strengthening the xref" as you say.

> I've always really disliked the olink element in DocBook because it
> doesn't have a clear meaning. What does the "o" stand for.

Ha ha, obviously the "o" stands for "oh dear, this is a hard problem."

Thanks for your response!

-Dave Gauer

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