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Re: [adoptium-pmc] 答复: Creating the Adoptium Incubator project

On 09/03/2021 11:05, 李三红(三红) wrote:
Thank you Tim for raising this discussion!
Regarding the definition of the incubator project,  do we have a template/guide to follow up for further discussion? which bases we should cover in the definition?
We are happy to provide some inputs based on the current requirements.

Hi Sanhong.

No, we don't have a formal template. While we never had a specific "incubator project" at AdoptOpenJDK, we did have some distinct projects join the community.

The considerations for a new project include:

- does it fit within the overall charter and goals of the community? We want to draw upon the skills of the community we have here, and keep a focus on our core areas of interest.

- what resources are required? For example, if the project is building on a new platform, or expects to use lots of storage, then there will be an infrastructure and budget implication, so is it possible and a good use of our resources?

- what is the expected outcome or destination of the work? The incubator is a place for ideas and community to grow, so what is the ultimate goal? Examples could be that the work results in refining ideas that can apply to upstream OpenJDK, or be a whole new area of endeavour that complements our goal and becomes an Adoptium project. We'd expect proposers to explain "why here?"

- is it viable? Ideas with poor or highly questionable prospects may not be suitable for management under the top level project. While the bar is low for entry, it is not an open invite for any idea to be nurtured here.

There are probably others that I have missed, but rather than fill in paperwork we would evaluate the proposed project by discussion with the proposer and quickly move to a decision.

Other PMC members will hopefully add to my list of considerations.


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