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[4diac-dev] GSoC Project Update

At first, i want to thank you for the warm welcome! With this week, the project officially began and i already started working and have my first few questions. I will create a new thread at the forum were i will start asking my questions.
Furthermore, i created a new eclispe wiki page for the dynamic type loader, where i will update my progress and what i will do/already have done and what is/ is not working. Here is the link to the page:
At the moment, the page is still under review from an eclipse wiki moderator and is not public yet. Hopeyfully this will change in the next few days.
If you have any question directly related to the project or on my workm you can always message me on the mattermost channel (Username: jan_holzweber) or just email me. I am always open for different opinions on how to approach certain problems and issues. :)

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