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Re: [3p-dev] Download page for PolarSys


Comments below:

From a shell account in Germany, my results are quite different, as I downloaded the IDE in 61 seconds. I will try at a different time today.

:~$ wget
--2013-10-16 15:44:19--
Auflösen des Hostnamen » («...
Verbindungsaufbau zu (||:80... verbunden.
HTTP-Anforderung gesendet, warte auf Antwort... 200 OK
Länge: 454110508 (433M) [application/zip]
In »»«« speichern.
100%[===================================================================================================================================================================================================>] 454.110.508 12,1M/s   in 61s      
2013-10-16 15:45:21 (7,15 MB/s) - »»«« gespeichert [454110508/454110508] 

If bad performance persists, it would be helpful to obtain a TCP traceroute to port 80:

traceroute -T -p 80

[PGa] The packages are downloadable at the URLs given by Benoit, but is still in error.

Individual projects are typically required to maintain their own downloads page.  This involves creating an "index.php" page in the 3p/ directory.  I've created a "main download page" ( a long time ago as a courtesy to list Polarsys projects, and can work with you in having it mimic the look and feel.  The best course of action for this is to open a bug and list your requirements  :)

Please let me know if you need assistance with anything else.


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