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[3p-dev] Download page for PolarSys

Hi Wayne, hi all,

Pierre asked me to raise the point of the download page for PolarSys top level project.
We have the releng to generate a PolarSys IDE bundle, and we need to do some IP stuff to prepare for a release review but it will certainly take some time as we want to integrate components like Sirius in the Bundle that have no release yet. 

Anyway, we want to publish some Milestone or RC of PolarSys IDE, and given that the bundle generation is Ok (, we would like to create a download page for the project.

We consider 3P project is like EPP, so we expect to create a page looking like:

I remember that in the web design we did for PolarSys, we had such a download page but I think that we did not created this page on the drupal instance as we had nothing to put on it.

So the question Pierre and I have is:
* How to structure the page. simple HTML? PHP? a drupal page? 
* How do we write/generate the list of downloads. I imagine that for EPP, there is a generation based on metadata. 
* How do we link to Hudson results? 
* How do we integrate links to old versions?

I don't know how much all of this relate to the installation of the PMI for PolarSys projects.
We may setup a phone call to discuss these points if you want.

Best regards,
Gaël Blondelle

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