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Re: [3p-dev] Download page for PolarSys


Some comments below:

On 09/22/2013 09:53 AM, Gaël Blondelle wrote:
We consider 3P project is like EPP, so we expect to create a page looking like:
Have you looked at  ?  It is already there, and the 3p project can copy files into the 3p directory (/home/httpd/downloads/3p) and they will be available from that URL.

So the question Pierre and I have is:
* How to structure the page. simple HTML? PHP? a drupal page? 
The current "main downloads page" is PHP.  If you and Pierre list the requirements, we'll have a better idea how to create it.

* How do we write/generate the list of downloads. I imagine that for EPP, there is a generation based on metadata. 
Chris can probably discuss how the EPP packages are listed on the downloads page.

* How do we link to Hudson results? 
Please exercise caution when linking to Hudson.  Hudson doesn't handle large amounts of anonymous traffic very well, so if the projects become very popular, it will be a problem.

Most projects will grab the Hudson results (statically) as part of their publishing process to avoid straining Hudson.
* How do we integrate links to old versions?
It took years for to need a separate archive space.  For now, a simple "older versions" page can be created.

I  hope this helps.  Let me know if you have follow-up questions.


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