Download the Eclipse Installer and select Epsilon. Note that you will need a Java Runtime Environment installed on your system.

Windows macOS Linux

Advanced Mode: If you don't see Epsilon in the list, click on the three vertical bars on the top right, then Product Catalogs and check " Applications". Epsilon should be near the bottom of the list (you can also use the search bar). If the Product Catalogs option is missing, switch to Advanced Mode and look for Epsilon under " Applications" (if this category is missing, click on the small yellow folder icon in the top right corner and select it). Keep pressing Next (you don't need to change anything) and then Finish. Accept the licenses when prompted.

Important: Please do not select the Epsilon project on the second page of the installer in Advanced Mode. This is for Epsilon developers only and may cause issues during installation of the Epsilon product.

Note for Windows users: Please make sure that you install Eclipse close to the root of a drive (e.g. C:\Users\<username>\Epsilon) as the maximum path length on Windows may not exceed 255 characters by default.

Interim *

* Bugs fixed in the latest interim version (compared to the latest stable version)

Eclipse Marketplace

If you prefer to install Epsilon through the Eclipse Marketplace, you can drag and drop into a running instance of Eclipse.

EpsilonLabs (optional)

Some of the projects found in the EpsilonLabs repository can be installed from the EpsilonLabs update site.


The source code of Epsilon is stored in the following Git repository.

Release tag

Additional projects which are experimental or not formally approved due to licensing constraints are available in Epsilon Labs.

Version 2.0 fixes the bugs and implements the enhancement requests below.

# Description Reporter
549628 [EOL] Long numerical constants produce string parsing exceptions agarcdomi
549729 [EMC] Make models AutoCloseable agarcdomi
560746 [EOL] Use LinkedHashSet in .closure to improve performance agarcdomi
488706 [EOL] Launch configurations do not honor "Input File"/"Output File" in the Common tab agarcdomi
540424 InMemoryEmfModel replaces the existing ResourceFactoryRegistry arcanefoam
534358 Proposal to change Cached Model addToCache and removeFromCache methods basp91
549629 Simulink Model Type not available when creating new runtime configuration justin
310248 Eugenia phantom nodes in self-loop containments Juan.deLara
369383 Validating multiple dependent ecore files fails jack.sleuters
383442 Implementing global Variables in EOL Modules by use of "init"-Block baron_lukas
394975 Mixing fine-grained profiling in run-configuration with custom profiling calls produces internal error joostvanpinxten
404724 EOL allows redefinition of a variable with the same name ran.wei
410015 Confusing syntax highlighing ed
416709 ExtensionPointToolNativeTypeDelegate is in development tool plugin maarten.bezemer
417081 Concurrency problem in EVL validation code maarten.bezemer
418074 Execute existing validator first maarten.bezemer
429300 Unsigned jars adolfosbh
429848 [Eugenia] Diagram code generation from headless ant build using epsilon.eugenia task nc_shrikanth
434295 XML Model should use URI for model and XSD lcoation arcanefoam
440438 [Book] EMC IModel sectioning arcanefoam
441343 Getting all the elements of one model using the one string that contains the id name of the model m_3panahande
442540 Accessing Java Enums from E*L jan.schumacher
459396 Executable extension definition for "class" not found. ed
463184 [releng] Missing about.html files ed
464793 Epsilon does not need non-standard ANTLR 3.1.b1 ed
471498 Drop support for old-style -- comments in favour of postfix increment/decrement operators dkolovos
489851 [EGL] Global variables cannot be accessed in operations konstantinos.barmpis
493056 EmfModelFactory should also support File[] arguments for loading models arcanefoam
500342 ModelGroup hides IAbstractOperationContributor operations arcanefoam
512802 Add transformation visualisation capabilities to the ETL development tools dkolovos
513887 Workflows do not support cached EOL models (LoadRegisteredMetaModelTask) arch7tect
514986 [EOL] Add ternary operator sinadoom
518360 [Concordance] The cross references are repeated antonio.agj
518363 [Concordance] Error when I move folder antonio.agj
518364 [Concordance] Listeners antonio.agj
518570 Remove "context" fields in subclasses of EolModule dkolovos
519112 Unhelpful update site name ed
519113 Missing feature dependency ed
521060 [EGX] Parameters are only visible to the invoked template, not global arcanefoam
521130 EGX rules need a formatter field arcanefoam
533492 Quick Fix not appearing for model elements in references resources jason.hampson
536972 Update children references on AbstractModuleElement.setParent() instead of on the constructor
538175 EolModelElementType keeps reference to model arcanefoam
539444 [Eugenia] Inconsistency when accessing a eugenia model file, between versions 1.4 and 1.5 konstantinos.barmpis
546289 Flexmi model is wiped when running EGX with storeOnDisposal=true sinadoom
548531 Installing Eugenia should auto-install GMF dkolovos
549624 EVL quick-fixes don't work on Sirius diagrams justin
549627 EVL validation not executed when an EMF validation is performed on a model element justin
549761 Method not found after calling template.append() in EGL dkolovos
549762 Method id() not found on model elements dkolovos
551531 [EVL] Using two EVL files that specify validation rules for the same metamodel only executes rules of one of the files. bart.meyers
553123 Request to Add Epsilon Model Generation Language (EMG) to the Epsilon Framework popsap4me
558457 Latest interim updatesite cannot be used to install epsilon on clean eclipse 2019 9 konstantinos.barmpis
558543 Calling operations with -> in EGL broken dkolovos
558544 EGL include(...) does not work when called from EGX-invoked template dkolovos
559423 Local variables not disposed in switch cases sinadoom
560290 EGX grammar allows arbitrary number of component blocks sinadoom
560850 [Picto] Static binary folder used in graphviz transformation does not work in unix systems alfonso.delavega
560908 Add a filter to the EPackage registry view alfonso.delavega
561020 Improve dark theme colors for the Flexmi editor alfonso.delavega
561201 Include support for customising color preferences for the Epsilon editors alfonso.delavega
561586 org.antlr.runtime not included in Interim epsilon-core.jar sinadoom
562421 Add concurrent collection types sinadoom
562534 Make PlainXmlModel thread-safe sinadoom
562772 EMFModelComparator can't handle Windows URIs sinadoom
563248 EGL console not redirected with running EGX basp91
546051 [ETL] Lazy rules are incorrectly identified for certain cases
539740 in ECL matches operations invoked to match pairs of collections seems to fail gianluigi.proserpio
541009 EMF model caching bug dkolovos
543162 Error message when calling methods on null dkolovos
562880 Contributed operations are not found in EGL templates of parallel EGX modules alfonso.delavega
Version Eclipse Released Notes
2.0 4.15 (2020-03) 30 May 2020 Major release
1.5.1 4.8 (Photon) 30 Sep 2018 Service release
1.5 4.8 (Photon) 12 Aug 2018 Scheduled release
1.4 4.6 (Neon) 6 Nov 2016 Scheduled release
1.3 4.5 (Mars) 8 Mar 2015 Scheduled release
1.2 4.4 (Luna) 25 Aug 2014 Scheduled release
1.1_SR1 4.3 (Kepler) 10 Sept 2013 Service release
1.1 4.3 (Kepler) 29 Aug 2013 Scheduled release
1.0 4.2 (Juno) 12 Nov 2012 Scheduled release